Waiting On You Again

C Corum & B Helming

Walk Humbly


Walk In The Promise

Jeremy Riddle

Walls Come Down

S Lampert & J Carlson

Wash Over Me

A Morgan & J Law


George Quin

We Adore You

Mike Pearson

We All Need Jesus

Andy Vincett

We Are Clean

Casey Corum

We Are Hungry

C Corum, A Morgan, D Ruis

We Are One

C Schroeder, C Corum, B McDonald

We Are Ready

G Olison, C Corum, T C Williams

We Belong To You

M Seals, J Meyer, J Neilsen, A D...

We Can Sing

Adam Russell

We Cannot Contain All You Pour Out

K MacQueen, L MacQueen

We Have Come

Adam Russell

We Need More

George Quin

We Need Your Touch

C Corum & C Estes

We Press In

Anabeth Morgan

We Remember

Jennifer Barnett

We Say Yes

C Corum, J Zartman

We Say Yes (Vineyard Soul)

C Corum, J Zartman

We Shine

K Regester, D Plumb

We Sing Reign

Jeremiah Carlson

We Wait In Hope For The Lord

Hannah McConnell

We Want To Stay In Your Presence

M Helmner, A Hedén

We Welcome You

Danny Daniels

We Will Be Together

Sharon Heap

We Will Dance

David Ruis

We Will Defend

Andy Park

We Will Follow

A Park & D Park

We Will Rise

Harmony Smith

Wear The Crown

S Yoder, A Russell, S Lane

Wear The Crown

S Yoder, A Russell, S Lane

Wells Of Salvation

Ryan Delmore

What A Child Is Meant To Be

Kathryn Scott

What A Love (Redeemer)

Nigel Briggs

What Can I Bring

Jeremy Riddle

What Can Separate

T Brown, C Corum, B Hartry

What Joy Is Found

Jeremy Riddle

What Love Is This?

James Hellings

What You Ask

S Lane, S Yoder

When I Call

John Barnett

When I See The Cross

Tim Brown

When I Stand

T Lynch, B Clark & C Corum

When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

Isaac Watts

When We Call Your Name

G Olison, T C Williams

When You Call My Name

B Doerksen & S Mitchinson

When You Come

S Lane, B Brown

Where The Mercy Falls

D Ruis & B Hartry

Who Can Compare

S Majere, C Corum, G Olison

Who Is Greater

Tim Brown

Who Is Like Him

John Barnett

Who Is Like Our God

B Duane, B Doerksen & B Thiessen

Who Is This

Michael & Helen Frye

Who You Are

E McNeil, J Solway, R d Castigli...


J Carlson, J Meyer, M Hathcock


Adam Russell

Will You Worship

Brian Doerksen

With All Of My Heart

Dave Fife

With You

Brenton Brown


Sam Yoder

Wonderful Mercy (Psalm 139)

Sibusiso Ntsala

Worthy Is The Lamb

J Pearson & K Cooke