We Are One

On all your sons and daughters, the young and on the old
On mothers and on fathers, Your Spirit falls Your Spirit flows
On every race and culture, You’re breaking down the walls
Descending like a fire, Your Spirit flows Your Spirit Falls

We are one, we are one
From every tribe and tongue
We are one, through your Son
Let everybody come
We are one

Upon the broken sinners, And pious saints aglow
On presidents and prisoners, Your Spirit falls your spirit flows
Upon the used and broken, The rich and powerful
Leading us to Jesus, Your Spirit flows Your spirit falls

No one has to be left out
Everyone is welcome here
You have broken down the walls
And you’re calling out, you’re calling out

Written by: Crispin Schroeder, Casey Corum, Bobby McDonald

CCLI#7024133 ©2013 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP). Admin. worldwide by Vineyard Music. www.vineyardworship.com All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used by Permission. WE ARE ONE - VINEYARD WORSHIP LIVE FROM NEW ORLEANS (VW2-425)

Added: 2015-01-19