Oh Lord

I was in the valley of the shadow
The Son was blocked from view
When I felt come around me all the darkest nights of hell
As my strength began to fail me and I gave up on life
I saw my Saviour fill the sky
With a thousand points of light
As I sang

Oh Lord where are You now my King?
Oh Lord where are You now my peace?
Oh Lord come and rescue me
Oh Lord Spirit shelter me

I’d searched in the house of love
But there was no love to be found
I felt the awful desperation start to pull me down
The thought that no one cared and I was destined to be alone
Until Jesus turned and heard my prayer
And taught me how to sing
So I sang

When I say that I can’t make it
Well I can’t make it on my own
I’m craving a piece of the promise from tomorrow for today
I know the heart of a soul without the will to live
So Jesus spill Your love for me
And hear me when I sing

One day
One day I’m gonna sing it
One day

Written by: Rik Leaf

CCLI No. 3380839 Copyright © 2001 Vineyard Songs Canada International copyright secured. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Added: 2015-01-23