Love Has Come, Love Has Won

Your hands, Your face, Your feet, broken and bruised for me
You were the perfect, spotless Lamb
The nails, the crown, the cross, all for the sake of what was lost
You bore the sin of every man

And how great was the cost, so that we could be called redeemed
How great was the work, when You rose victoriously

With a shout, You said it’s finished, death and sin have been defeated
And now we stand victorious, love has come, love has won, (love has won)
The veil was torn apart, with the last beat of Your broken heart
You made the way to the Father
In three days You rose again, conquering death and sin
You’re coming again in victory
You rose victoriously

Yeah, love has come, love has won (yeah, we receive it)
‘Cause love has come, love has won

Written by: Jesse Meyer & Jeremiah Carlson

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Added: 2015-01-23