You are all that I desire
You are all my heart is living for
In the power of Your presence
I fall and lay my burdens at Your feet
Though my life was filled with darkness
You surrounded me and raised me back to life
Now I’m living in Your promise
I am born again through You sacrifice
Lord I worship

All I want is more of You
All that I need is in Your presence
I’m longing, longing to be with You

You are worthy of my focus
You are worthy of my offering
You remain my one devotion
For You are good and faithful to redeem
As I stand in awe and reverence
You reveal to me Your true and perfect heart
So I draw into Your presence
For there’s nothing else that I could want
Lord I’m calling

I’m after Your heart, seeking Your refuge
Take me where You are
All of my hope, all of my being
Belongs to You

Written by: Tim Brown

CCLI# 7061222 © 2015 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP). Admin. worldwide by Vineyard Music. www.vineyardworship.com All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used by Permission. As recorded on “Through It All”

Added: 2017-03-31