Have Your Way

In my own strength I’ve tried
To live a holy life
Struggling till the end
Then You find me on my knees
Praying God forgive me, please
And I’ll try again

So when will victory be mine
I’m running out of faith and time
To live on a mountain top
It takes more than a will to climb

(So) Have Your way with me
Let Your strength be what flows from me
And let the blood that ran down Calvary run through me
(that You shed for me)
Oh Lord, have Your way with me

It seems like self never dies
The harder I try
It comes back for more
There are times I lose this fight
Before the battle has begun
And Your blessings must wait once more

Though this flesh is what covers me
Holy Spirit take control of me

When I want to give in
Don’t give up on me
‘Cause where grace abounds
There I want to be

Written by: Charlie Hines

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Added: 2015-01-20