Andy Park


Dee Wilson

Yahweh (Vineyard Soul)

Dee Wilson

Yet I Will Praise

Andy Park


R Springer & C Musseau

You Are

Carly Billingham

You Are

S Potaczek & A Potaczek

You Are A Holy God

B Duane & K Scott

You Are Faithful

Joff Alexander-Frye

You Are God

Scott Underwood

You Are God | Vineyard Soul: The Chicago Sessions

D Masters, T C Williams & C Corum

You Are Good

B Johnson & J Riddle

You Are Good Good Good

James Pitcher

You Are Here

A Park & T T  

You Are Here

A Morgan, S Pemberton

You Are In Control

Scott Underwood

You Are Lifted

Mike O'brien

You Are Mighty

Craig Musseau

You Are My Desire

Erica Sharlow

You are My Desire

Harmony Smith

You Are My King

Brian Doerksen

You Are My Shelter

Daniel Chadney

You Are Still Holy

Rita Springer

You Are The Mighty King

Eddie Espinosa

You Are The Vine

D Daniels & R Rigby

You Are The Way

Crispin Schroeder

You Are What We Need

Steve Jones

You Are With Us

Samuel Lane

You Are Worthy of My Praise / Hallelujah, Your Love Is Amazing (Live)

D Ruis, B Brown, B Doerksen

You Call Me To Be Yours

Sarah Pickering

You Don't Have To Be Grown Up

Andrew Vincett

You Don’t Have To Lose Heart

A Russell, C Corum, J Mooring, L...

You Have Called Me

Dale Kehler

You Have Our Yes

H Smith, M James, R d Castiglione

You Have Set Me Free

Casey Corum

You Make All Things New


You Make Everything New

Adam Russell

You Make Everything New

Adam Russell

You Meet Me Here

J Haas, A Morgan, J Dill, C Coru...

You Remain

Tim Brown

You Rose Up

Dave Miller

You So Loved The World

D Fife & B Garrison

You Speak

J Alexander-Frye, L Jordan

You Still My Soul

M & L Aspinall

You're Amazing

Nigel & Jo Hemming

You're Everywhere

J & J Alexander-Frye

You're My World

Jodie Frye

You're The Love

Samuel Lane

You’re Always With Me

Jon & Hannah Holley

You’re Always With Us

T Kim / A S C Corum / L Bernhard...

You’re Carrying Me

C Corum, K MacQueen

You’re The Light

Nigel Briggs

Your Beloved

Brent Helming

Your Dwelling Place (Live From Anchour Studio)

L Jordan & S Yoder

Your Grace

Tim Brown

Your Great love For Me

R Delmore & K Stipech

Your Joy

Kate Cooke

Your Kingdom’s Here (All My Life)

Jesse Meyer

Your Love

T Kim, A Russell, J Ray

Your Love

Dan Wheeldon

Your Love Endures

D Clarke & J Clarke

Your Love Lasts Forever

Andrew Vincett

Your Love Over Me

Maria Lundbak

Your Love Reaches Me (Psalm 36)

Darren Clarke

Your Love Remains

B Baker, J Isaac & D Sheed

Your Love Takes Hold

Samuel Lane

Your Mercy

J Morris & B Sommerville

Your Name Is Holy

Brian Doerksen

Your Ways Are Higher


Yours Forever


You’ve Made Me Clean Again

Jon & Hannah Holley