Take Heart

A Hatherly, D Miller

Take Me With You

Samuel Lane

Take My Life

Scott Underwood

Take My Life (Vineyard Soul)

Scott Underwood

Take Us Up To Heaven

Andy Park  

Teach Me To Love

I Gould & A Huberland


John Barnett

Thank You

Samuel Lane

Thank You For The Cross

Brenton Brown

Thanks And Praise

C Edmonds, J Riggs, L Grimble

That Cross

B Lucas & D Wheeldon

The Blood Of Jesus

Michael Pritzl

The Bridegroom

Jeremiah Carlson

The Earth Is Yours

J Blustin & S lane

The Father

Samuel Lane

The Feast

Harmony Smith

The First Nowell


The Future Is Fun (Vineyard Kids)

K Carnohan, K George, B Olmstead

The Gift Of Love

Mark Depledge

The God You Truly Are

N Jess, J Rogers

The Gospel (Live)

B Howard, Russell

The Hidden Place

H Smith, K Nordhoff & M Wong

The Lamb Has Conquered

Mike Pearson

The Light

Jon Holley

The Lion's Roar

Sarah Pickering

The Lord Almighty Reigns

Terry Butler

The Lord Has Come

J Blustin, S Lane, D Weeks, M We...

The Lord Is Gracious And Compassionate

Graham Ord

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Kate Cooke

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Jeremy Riddle

The Moments

S Lane, B Hartry

The Name (Live from Anchour Studio)

J Meyer, P Zach

The One True God

T Brown, A Eggiman, C Wright

The One, The Only

Jeremy Riddle

The Only One


The River Is Here

Andy Park

The Road

Samuel Lane

The World Can’t Take It Away

Ryan Delmore

There Is Power In The Name

Nigel Hemming

There Must Be More

David Ruis

There’s No One Like Our God

V Beeching & S Mitchinson

They Are Yours

John Barnett

They That Wait On The Lord

Kevin Prosch

Thin Place

C Corum, T Leonhardt, A Russell

This Day

R Nevette & T Prigge

This Is Love

T Butler & M Young

This Is Love

T Butler, M Young

This Is Our Surrender

M Lundbak, A Park, S Pemberton, ...

This Is Your Song

S West & R Stratford

This Joy

B Corum, Cullen, Hernandez, Mill...

This Place

J & T Ross

Throne Of Grace

John Barnett

Through It All

T Brown & A Morgan

Time For The Dance

S & K Mitchinson

Tiny Little Me

Nigel & Jo Hemming

To Be Like You

Jeremy Riddle

To Know You

S Lampert, S Lane, C Corum

To Know You

S Lampert, S Lane, C Corum

To Know Your Love | Vineyard Soul: The Chicago Sessions

G Olison, J Miller & T C Williams

To Mercy I've Been Called

Tony Gee

To The Edge

Jodie Alexander-Frye

To The Only God (Jude Doxology)

Mike Pearson

To Your Cross

Mike O'brien

Transform My Heart

Anabeth Morgan


D Miller, A Hatherly

True Religion

Ryan Delmore

Turn Around

Mike O’Brien

Turn It All Down

N Briggs & R Bull