Sacred Brother

R Delmore & D Lorenzen


J Call, M Maldonado, J Meyer

Safe In Your Hands

Terry Prigge


D T Sharp, A Russell, C Minton, ...


Samuel Lane

Saving Grace

Steve Jones

See Amid The Winter's Snow


See The Light

David Ruis

See The Risen Lord

Kate Cooke

Send Us

Send Us

Servant Wide Awake

K Delmore, R Delmore

Servant Wide Awake

K Delmore & R Delmore

Set Me On Fire

Ryan Delmore


Marc James

Shake My Shaker

Nigel Hemming


David Ruis


M James & T Shepard

Shine In Me

S Chercka-Simonsen

Shine On

N Briggs & R Bull

Shine On My Heart

Andy Young

Shine On Us

A Morgan, M O’Brien, T Brown, ...

Shine On Us (Vineyard Soul)

A Morgan, M O'Brien, T Brown, C ...

Shout Of Praise

Nigel Hemming

Shout To The Lord

Kevin Prosch

Shouts of Praise

J Miller, W Cuthbert, A Russell

Show Me The Way

Kim McMechan

Show Me Your Glory

Harmony Smith

Show Your Power

Kevin Prosch

Silent Night


Silent Night (Live 2022 Version)

F X Gruber, J F Young, J Mohr, A...

Silent Night / Peace (Christmas)

F X Gruber, J Mohr, J F Young, C...

Silver Linings

J Goodlet, N Hemming

Simple Token

Jim Wood

Sin Has No Hold

Tommy Reay

Sing From The Rooftops

K Brown, H Hicks, T Sheppard

Sing His Name (Live)

T Brown, G Olison, A Faison

Sing His Praise

Sam Crabtree

Sing Holy

Steve Jones

Sing Out

Mike O'brien

Sing Your Praise

S Keller & S Carr

Singing With The Angels

Sarah Pickering

Skin & Bones


Slow Kingdom Coming

J Meyer, D Wilt, M Hansen

Slow Kingdom Coming

J Meyer, D Wilt, M Hansen

Slow To Anger

G Olison, T C Williams, A Morgan

So Glad

N Hemming, J Hemming & S Pickeri...

So In Need

Sherilyn Keller

So Near

Samuel Lane

So Now We Come

Johanna Neugebauer



Something Happens

Duncan Bouwer


Deborah Clarke

Sometimes I Feel Afraid

Nigel & Jo Hemming

Son Of God

Jeremiah Carlson

Son Of God (I Stand Amazed)

C Schroeder, R McDonald, C Corum...

Son Shining

Samuel Lane

Song Of Heaven

J Meyer, M Maldonado, J Call, J ...

Sons & Daughters

L Babcock, L Bernhard, A M Corum...

Sovereign God

Dave Miller

Speak To Me

Noelle Shearer


Sarah Pickering

Spirit Burn

D Wheeldon & M James

Spirit Come

A Hatherly, D Miller & B Ditima

Spirit Of God

John Barnett

Spirit of Jesus

Mike Pearson

Spirit Of The Sovereign Lord

Andy Park

Spirit Rest On Me

S Burke & E Welch

Spirit Song

John Wimber

Stand In Awe

Jeremy Riddle

Start Again (Thank You)

T Kim, D M Myers

Still I Sing

G Yoder & P Hurtgen

Still Small Voice


Straight From The Source

David Linhart


A Morgan, C Hines & C Corum

Sure (Arr. 2016)

A Morgan, C Hines, C Corum


Marc James

Surrender (arr. 2015)

M James & J W V DeVenter

Surrendered In Praise

Jeremy Riddle


Anabeth Morgan

Sweet Mercies

David Ruis

Sweet Wind

David Ruis

Sweetest Sound

Nigel Briggs

Sweetly Broken

Jeremy Riddle