A Great Light (Christmas)

Ryan Delmore

A Place In The Hills

Bethany de Maïo

A Place Your Glory Dwells

Anabeth Morgan

A Savior Is Born

David Ruis

Abounding Grace

Dee Wilson

Above All Else

Vicky Beeching

Above All Else (Vineyard Soul)

Vicky Beeching


J Riddle & J Edwardson

Adore Him

Samuel Lane


Nigel Hemming

All Creation

B Doerksen & S Mitchinson

All Creation Sings

John Barnett

All For You

Dave Miller

All For You Jesus

Jesse Meyer

All From You

Samuel Lane

All Hail Jesus

James Hellings

All I Have

T Dobbelmann, G Brennan & N Bren...

All Is Well

J Barnett, C Corum, & R Delmore

All My Love

J Blustin, S Lane

All Singing Child

Joanne Stuckey

All That I Am Is Yours

A Morgan, J Law

All That I Need

Vicky Beeching

All The Earth Shall Worship

Carl Tuttle

All The Earth Shall Worship / Kindness

C Tuttle / C Corum

All The Saints

Tim Brown

All The Same

T Butler, B Aram

All The Ways

C Corum & S Elmer

All Things Rise

Sam Yoder

All Things Rise (Arr. 2016)

Sam Yoder

All Things Rise (Let Your Kingdom Come EP)

Sam Yoder

All Things Rise (Vineyard Soul)

Samuel Yoder

All Who Are Thirsty

B Brown & G Robertson

All Who Are Weary

George Quin

All Your Works

Wilfred Cuthbert

Alleluia (More Than Worthy)

Sheri Carr


Jeremy Riddle

Always Faithful

B Inman, A Ogir, J Williams

Amazing God

Sarah Pickering

Amazing God (There’s no one like you)

Chris Perkins

Amazing Grace

John Newton

Among The Poor

Jeremy Riddle

Ancient of Days

S & G Southworth

And I Love You (Ooh La La La)

Andrew Vincett

Angels We Have Heard On High / Glory To God

J C (PD) / T Butler / B Brown

Anything For This Love

D Ruis & C Nickols

Aquí Me Tienes

G Ávalos, D Berguño

Arise For The Light Has Come

Crispin Schroeder

Arise Oh Lord

Kelly Carpenter

Arms Of Love

Craig Musseau

Arms Stretched Out

Jesse Wallace

As Above, So Below

Jeremy Riddle

As Children

Jeremy Riddle

As I Bow Down


As It Is In Heaven

Tony Sanchez

At All Times

Vicky Beeching

At The Cross

R Butler & T Butler

Awaken Us

H Smith, J Riggs, N Jess

Awesome God

Vicky Beeching