Your Grace

We are here
Brought into redemption
By the Father’s hand
Knowing well Your mercy’s come
To help us stand
Even when the battles come

Through the trial
Your glory shines the brightest
In the darkest night
Knowing well Your love has come
That we may find
Our strength in You and You alone

You grace it covers me
By faith we’ve been redeemed
No longer dead we’re alive in You
Your grace has set us free

Though we fall
You are there to lift us up
And light the way
Knowing well Your Word is here
To speak and save
We know You will never fail

Our hope is in the ever-present God
Who overcame and made us whole
By faith alone, we have peace with God
Through our Lord, Jesus Christ

Your grace has set us free
Your grace has set us free

Written by: Tim Brown

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Added: 2017-03-31