You Are

You are an island when I’m lost at sea
You are a fortress from the enemy
You are a color when all hope gets bleak, You are

You are my solace when I’m in distress
You are a shelter in the wilderness
You are the healing in my brokenness, You are, You are

In every battle, every fight
When the fear wells up inside
You are everything, everything to me

My strong Redeemer, my selfless Savior
My sole Provider, You are
The hope of glory, the joy inside me
The reason I sing, You are, You are

Written by: Steven Potaczek & Amanda Potaczek

CCLI# 6101448 ©2011 Simplistic Records / Mercy/Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP). Admin. worldwide by Vineyard Music. www.vineyardmusic.com All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission. Never Changing God – Club Vineyard Vol. 74 (CVD700193)

Added: 2015-01-23