Who You Are

Verse 1:
Though the earth shakes and the seasons change
All I’ve known is falling out of its shape
In the chaos and uncertainty, I put my trust in Jesus
People fall and leaders come and go
And the future holds so many unknowns
When I’m faced with what I can’t control, I put my trust in Jesus

You won’t change your mind or walk away
Through highs and lows you stay the same
Your constant love will never fail
I know, that is who you are

Verse 2:
When the tears fall and my heart breaks
And it feels like more than I can take
In my battle with anxiety, I put my trust in Jesus
When I’m feeling like I’m all alone
Start to question if I’m really known,
When I doubt my true identity, I put my trust in Jesus

When the world is shaking me, shaking me
I remember what you say, what you say
You’re the one who steadies me, steadies me
Jesus it’s who you are

Written by: Elizabeth McNeil, Jon Solway, Rich di Castiglione

© 2023 Integrity Music (PRS), Vineyard Songs (UK Eire) (PRS), Integrity Worship Music (ASCAP) (all adm at IntegratedRights.com).

Added: 2023-09-22