We Want To Stay In Your Presence

Come spirit of life, lead the way
Come spirit of truth, we want to hear Your voice
Speaking to us now
Spirit of our Lord, embrace us here
Spirit of all light, come and make us shine bright
Through all of the dark clouds

Wanna let go of all the sorrow and the bitterness we have
Wanna let go of all the bruises and the stress that’s aching loud
Come and release us from the pressure
That tries to bring us down
Oh Jesus – we want to come and stay in your presence
Stay in your presence

Sing with me, come sing with me
Lift up your voice and worship!
Sing gloria, gloria
Glory to God our everything!

Written by: My Helmner, Andreaz Hedén

CCLI # 7164518 ©2020 Vineyard Nordic Worship

Added: 2021-03-12