We Can Sing

We can sing
Even when our hearts are breaking
Even when everythingʼs shaking
Youʼre our song

We have joy
Even when the tears are falling
Even when troubles come calling
Youʼre our delight

ʻCause we’ve got a love that never lets us down
It holds us safe and sound
A love that never falters
We’ve got a song that we can always sing
An endless melody
A song that we can live by

God, you are
Strength to the weary and broken
A Savior that we can hope in
You hold our life

You have won
Victory over death and darkness
You’ve thawed out the cold and heartless
You are our King

And even in the valley
The valley of the shadow
We will not fear ʻcause
You are there

And even when the floodgates
Open up with sorrow
We will not lose heart
Cause You are there

Written by: Adam Russell

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Added: 2015-01-19