This Joy

{Verse 1}
Trouble had me weary
Tried to keep me down
Almost had me thinking
There’s no hope to be found
The voice of the accuser
Won’t have the final say
Those are empty threats of yesterday

I’m wakin’ up in love, Your love
I’m wakin’ up in hope, Your hope
I’m wakin’ up in peace, Your peace
You set me free

{Verse 2}
Even in my weakness
You say I am strong
Even in this darkness
To Jesus I belong
I serve a God much stronger
Than every circumstance
Jesus holds my future in His hands

{Bridge 1}
This Joy I have
The world didn’t give it
Nothing can take it away

You set me free

Written by: Brown, Corum, Cullen, Hernandez, Miller, Morgan, Ruis, Williams

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Added: 2023-09-27