The Road

It’s a long, and narrow road, I’m on my way
With Your blood, for my soul, I’ll be okay
Hold me close, and keep me sure, that I won’t fall
To do Your will, and to be pure, I hear the call

Lead me on Your path Lord, lead me home
Guide me through the valley, the narrow road
Only You can save me, You broke the fall
Your spirit like a fire, to my soul
It’s a long, and broken road, that leads to life
The rain will come, the cold wind blow, I’ll be alright
So I will rise, for there is hope, in the risen Son
To Your light, and to Your home, You lead me on

For your fire, for your soul
Jesus waits, Jesus calls

Written by: Samuel Lane

© 2012 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire)

Added: 2012-01-17