Spirit Rest On Me

Your still small voice sings love within me
Carry me close into Your heart
You lift all my burdens from my shoulders
You have pursued me from the start

Ever so gently, ever so sweetly
Does Your Spirit rest on me
You bring me freedom, clothe me with passion
Let Your Spirit rest on me

I feel Your power move upon me
I feel Your touch like warming flame
You’re shaping my heart through Your love for me
Giving me grace in place of shame

You will not bruise me, You will not break me
For I feel safe as You embrace me (repeat)

Come, Holy Spirit, come in Your power
Come inhabit our praise, come now and reign in our lives
Come, Holy Spirit, come like the wind
Come be Lord of our hearts, come fill Your church once again

Holy Spirit, come. Holy Spirit, come

Written by: Stuart Burke & Ellie Welch

CCLI Number: 6607148 / 4770912 / 2489452 (As Children / All Who Are Thirsty )

Added: 2013-01-01