River Run High

River run high, river run wide, river run deep
Wash over me, wash over me

River run high, Spirit inside take us up higher
Where the dead rise and the angels gather round
The glorious sight hidden in light, covered in fire
Open our eyes to the place where Jesus reigns

We’re gathering just like You taught us
We’re asking for the living waters

River run wide let the flood rise into the dry land
Where the hope died and the orphans wander now
Light up our eyes and send us outside into the darkness
That we might find all Your lost and lonely ones

We’re gathering Your sons and daughters
We’re asking for the living waters

River run deep so deep
Sweep us off our feet, and
Let earth and heaven meet
In Your perfect peace

Wash over me, wash over me

Written by: Joel Goodlet

CCLI Number: 7025594 © 2014 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire) www.vineyardrecords.co.uk International Copyright secured. All rights reserved. Used by permission. To reproduce this music setting for church usage, both a Church Copyright License and a Music Reproduction License are required. To obtain a license or for further information visit www.ccli.com

Added: 2015-01-21