Lord Let Your Love Shine Through Me

When I get up and I start my day,
I know Your precious love is showing me the way.
When I’m at school or I’m with my friends,
I know Your faithful love will never ever end.

Lord let Your love shine through me,
Lord let Your love shine through me,
I want everyone to know and all my friends to see
That everywhere I go it’s Your love…
That lives in me.

When I come home and I watch TV,
I know Your awesome love is shining down on me.
When I lie down and I go to sleep,
I know Your tender love is watching over me.

I need more of this love in my life,
Every day, to make me grow more like You,
Come and let Your love shine through.

Written by: Nigel & Jo Hemming, Nick Harding

2003 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire).

Added: 2003-12-09