Little Old Me

Heavenly Father, Your love is more than words
Passed down through the ages
Heavenly Father, when I take a step to You
You’re proud of little old me
Your love is true

Throughout my life and loneliness
You were always there
Feeling every bruise
Catching every tear
I feel like I’m coming home
When I let You love me
How You love me so
Yes You love me so

Heavenly Father when my heart and mind don’t work
Your love soothes confusion
Heavenly Father when my head is in my hands
You’re strong for little old me
Your love is true

Father it’s a beautiful thing
This love You have for little old me
Father You are waiting for me
Waiting for little old me

As I run, walk, crawl or fall into Your arms (repeat)

Yes You love, You love, little old me

Written by: Andy Young

2010 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire)

Added: 2010-12-09