It Will Be Alright

Why do I worry ‘bout tomorrow
When all I’ve got is this day
Why am I anxious about the clothes that I wear
And where it is I will stay
I remember how my life is held in your hands
And you never let me go
So when anxieties come to take life from me
I get still and know that you won’t let go

I look at the flowers, I look at the fields
The splendor and beauty of the world in your care
The birds in the trees and their song fills the sky
And I know It will be alright, And I know It will be alright

It’s so hard to live in this moment
When worries keep calling my name
But why do I fear when your presence is near
Keeping me safe all the way
I don’t have to fear for the future
Or seek treasures that rust and decay
For your love remains through the joy and the pain
And you give me what I need today
Yeah you give me what I need today

Written by: Crispin Schroeder

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Added: 2015-01-19