I'm Gonna Run

First thing in the morning
I yawn and wake up slowly
As I jump out of bed
Let there be one thing on my mind
Today’s another day when
We can run together
Side by side together
We will cross the finish line

I’m gonna run run run
I’m gonna run run run
I’m gonna run run run
All the way with You

Some days it’s easy
To do the things You tell me
Other days it’s hard to choose
The way I know is right
When I feel like giving up
You’re there to keep me going on
And once we cross the finish line
I know I’ll win the prize

I will fix my eyes on You Lord
You’re the One to show the way
I will run with all the strength You give me
I won’t turn back I won’t give up
I’ll run for all my days

Written by: Nigel Hemming

©2001 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire).

Added: 2001-09-08