Further Up (Aslan’s Call)

Lord I know that You have called me
To love and worship You
By Your Son I know You’ve saved me
To spend eternity with You

Further up and further in I hear You calling
Further up and further in I glimpse Your glory
Further up and further in much closer than I could believe
Further up and further in

I see You standing in Your garden as You call to me
A sight so terrifying yet Your call so inviting
This Holy God of light embraces me
And I hear Your heart cry

Lord I know for now I’m earth-bound
‘Cause there’s a race to run
Pressing on I know I’ll see You
And I’ll see Your mighty Kingdom come

Written by: Tanya Gould & Ian Gould

CCLI#3332045 ©2001 Vineyard Songs (SA). Admin. by Mercy/Vineyard Publishing in North America. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used by Permission.

Added: 2015-01-23