Freely You Give

{Verse 1}
I’ve tried so hard but it’s never been enough
It’s never been enough
I’ve searched for more and nothing satisfies
Nothing satisfies

Freely You give Your  love
A love unconditional
I’m(We’re) learning to open up
And let it overflow, (let it overflow)

{Verse 2}
I’m letting go, so I open up my hands
I open up my hands
You meet me here And You fill me up again
You fill me up again

What we receive we give it away
So let it overflow

{Tag 2}
There’s nothing I can do
There’s nothing I can say
That could ever turn Your love away

{Tag 3}
Let it overflow
I open up my hands
Would You fill me up again

Written by: Brown, Corum, Cullen, Hernandez, Miller, Morgan, Ruis, Russell, Williams

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Added: 2023-10-09