Fix Our Eyes

Verse 1:

Storms are raging, darkness stirring

Oh how I need You

Bodies aching, sickness taking

I long to see You

Be the peace and comfort, lift my gaze

To heaven now


I (we) will fix my (our) eyes on You

I (we) will trust You, God

Bend my (our) will to touch Your grace

Come be Lord of this (these) heart(s)

Verse 2:

Fears are screaming, hearts believing

Speak now with Your truth

Violence surging, people hurting

We need Your rescue

Be the hope and freedom as we look

To You, Oh God


You’re the hope of this world

You’re the light that breaks the darkness

You’re the peace that calms the waters

Of my soul, of my soul

Written by: Anabeth Morgan

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Added: 2017-12-18