You knew my name before I breathed
You formed my soul, You made me unique
You chose my gifts, You gave me life
I’m made with such loving design

You are my creator
Who loves who I am
I will bow before You, my Lord
My life is in Your hands, creator

You know my thoughts and deepest fears
You know my heart and all of my dreams
I’ll trust You Lord, take all I am
Make my life burn brightly for You

The universe and the whole earth reflect You
Creation shows the wonder of Your fame
Surrounded by your glory everlasting
I will praise the one who made all things
Creator Lord I am Yours
I’m fearfully, wonderfully, made by You
Made by You


Written by: Andy Young & Tre Sheppard

© 2009 Vineyard Songs UK/Eire & Thankyou Music/Adm

Added: 2009-07-09