Christ In All Things

Verse 1:
Behold the beauty of the Lord
Turn again to the one who is worth it all
We lift our eyes and remember you are God
With grateful hearts we’ll sing of all you’ve done

Jesus Christ in all things
Come behold him
He is Lord
Worship, bow before him
Come adore him
He is Lord
(Oh come and adore)

Verse 2:
Behold, behold the Lamb of God
Turn again to the wonder of his love
He poured his life out there upon the cross
So we might know the Father’s heart for us

Let our song arise
Stir out hearts again
As we come to glorify your name
Oh what joy it is to give you everything we have
Join with the all the earth
Angels and the saints
Lifting up a song of endless praise
Holy is the Lord
Holy is the lamb of God

Written by: Kat Wilde, Jonny Rigs, Lucy Grimble

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Added: 2024-04-19