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About Vineyard Songs

Vineyard Worship’s
Songs and Free Worship Music Resources

Vineyard worship songs from around the world have played a historic role in providing the Body of Christ with songs marked by intimacy with God, Kingdom theology, and a call to passionate mission.

The 20th and 21st century church, around the world, has been deeply impacted by praise and worship songs like Come, Now Is The Time To Worship, Breathe, Draw Me Close, Faithful One, and many others from the Vineyard movement.

A host of today’s worship songwriters and worship movements have also been deeply influenced by the authentic worship music that has poured from the Vineyard over the past 40 years – and we’re just getting started.

Because so many worship leaders search for their songs online, and via video, has been created to serve you, and the church of our time.

With over 700+ worship songs, and more being added daily, an entire catalogue of rich worship music resources is now placed at the fingertips of local church worship leaders – and those who simply love the music of the Vineyard.

Free worship songs in the form of our ‘Song Of The Month’ aims to provide the following free worship music resources with each free Song of the Month, every month:

  • Lyric Video (for listening)
  • Free MP3 Download (of the song of the month)
  • Free Chord Chart (for team use)
  • Free Lyric Sheet (for presentation software)
  • Free Translations (in various languages)
  • Link to Purchase (at iTunes, Bandcamp, or a Vineyard online store)

Through this resource, we look forward to hearing the past and present songs of Vineyard worship music being sung in your congregation – helping your community to experience the presence of God.

If you would be willing to share this resource with others, here is a status update you can copy/paste for social media:

“With 700+ songs from the Vineyard, and a Song Of The Month with free chord charts – is here. Check it out.”

Added: 2015-01-19